Go To Court – Nigerians Tell Super Eagles After Shocking Loss To Guinea-Bissau

After a shocking 1-0 defeat to Guinea-Bissau, Nigerians have reacted, advising the Super Eagles to ‘go to court’ if they are not satisfied with the result.

Nigeria lost 1-0 to the Djurtus of Guinea-Bissau who protected a 29th minute goal to claim all three points to go top of Group A.

Nigerians have since taken to social media to react to the loss, with some section of tweeps telling the Super Eagles to seek redress in court.

@ChukwujiUchenna: Our super eagle should go to court if they are not satisfied with the result

@Nsukka_demon: Hahahaha if Super Eagles no believe let them go to court ????????????… we need you in the Ucl Abeg

@onwunigbo: Super Eagles should go to court

@dennislerizzy: Super eagles won 5:1 if you don’t like it go to court.

But how do we come to this jose pesero guy?

@OFFICIAL_ltanee: If the Super Eagles are not satisfied with the result, they should go to court.

No country on earth can survive the level of corruption Nigeria is experiencing.

It will take only 2 Nigerian politicians 1 month to loot Ghana resources dry.

It will take 10 Nigeria politicians 3 months to loot China economy to her kneels.

Chai. I nearly cracked my ribs when I read this on Twitter. This is what INEC has invented in Nigeria.

You beat me… Go to court
I beat you…. Go to court
You cheat…. Go to court
You no cheat… Go to court
You fail jamb…. Go to court
You pass jamb…. Go to court.

New level.

I declare that Nigeria won
05 : 01

New score, Guinea can go to court.

Actually, it was Pandora & his Pangolo lawyers that are confused..

Tinubu was in Nigeria up till like 2 days ago or so since after election.

Tinubu voted and even stayed a couple days in Lagos..

Lp lawyers didn’t know they have a petition to tender to him..

The 2nd day they heard tinubu had traveled, they quickly rushed to media. Instead of Pandora rodents to ask necessary questions, they wail along

The lawyers already knows what supporters of Lp are made of. People who believed buhari was dead & cloned don’t reason logically..

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