Keke Driver Stabs Passenger To Death Over ₦50 Dispute In Bayelsa

Scores of Tricycle has been set ablaze after an unidentified driver from the Northern part of Nigeria allegedly stabbed a man to death over N50 dispute in Yenegoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State.

Abacityblog’s correspondent gathered that the incident occurred along Saptex junction in Yenegoa, Bayelsa state.

The victim who is identified as ThankGod Douglas, an indigene of Yenizue-Epie Town in Yenagoa LGA of Bayelsa State, was stabbed to death by a keke driver believed to be from the Northern Nigeria.

According to available information, the passenger and the driver had misunderstanding over N50 difference which angered the Keke driver who brought out a dagger and stabbed the passenger to death.

It was learnt that the victim had boarded keke from a short distanced location and getting to his location, paid the Hausa driver N50. But the driver bluntly rejected the money and insisted he must complete it to N100.

Unfortunate for the driver, he killed his victim within his hometown so youths around the area who identified him quickly rushed to the scene and mobbed the killer keke driver to death on the spot.

The Deceased on refusing to complete it to N100 lead to his timely death when the Driver took off a locally made Knife under the seat of his tricycle and stabbed him.

It was also gathered that the youth also transferred their aggression to other Hausa tricycle drivers in the area, burning huge scores of tricycle while destroying cars which plied along the road.

The youths in their numbers have been going from street to street within the Okaka and Yenizue-Epie areas, destroying any property perceived to be “aboki” property.

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