My Pregnant Neighbor Has Been Restless Because She’s Carrying Twin

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This neighbour of mine is pregnant with 6 other kids. She has been finding it difficult to feed her family including her 6 children. Her husband is an electrician and plumber but he hasn’t been getting job inorder to take care of his family. The children had been out of school for several years

I live with my aunt who’s a widow. I saw my aunt stressed out yesterday and worried and i was wondering what could be the problem. She was the one who told me about the woman predicament. My aunt has emptied her little foodstuffs because of this woman and her children. My aunt is just a poor widow who’s managing herself and kids but she can’t stand the sight of this woman and her children hungry.

My aunt told me the woman’s friend advice her to inject the pregnancy through abortion. She’s six months gone and according to those her friends even nine months pregnancy can be aborted provided she has the money and her state of mind is willing to not forceful

According to her friends, they felt that’s the best decision she could consider due to her condition. She cannot even feed the ones on ground, they are not going to school and she’s still carry twin right in her womb. She hasn’t gotten any baby things. It was my aunt that took her for antenatal when the pregnancy was in 4 months stage. She has been so confused on what to do. My aunt wasn’t in support of it though, same time she doesn’t have money to support her and her children.

Nigeria isn’t saner climes where government support the less privileges. She will be having 8 children in total if she chose not to abort it. What will become the fate of these innocent children? How will she survive with these children in Nigeria? She fainted yesterday and was rushed to the hospital. It was confirmed that she has been thinking so much and she doesn’t eat well. This has affected her health conditions.

Her family and that of the husband had been so helpful according to her and it has really taken a toll on them. She even lost one of her uncle who has been supportive. This woman is sad, she’s broken and shattered into pieces. I’m even scared of her life because she’s not getting good medical attention for her condition. She doesn’t eat well for herself and the foetus. I’m even bothered about her life, I sincerely hope all what she’s going through wouldn’t tell on her on the day of delivery.

Please what’s your advice for this woman and her family

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January 2023
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