Why APC Is Having Sleepless Nights Over Peter Obi’s Loss

the brother to former Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, has given reasons why the All Progressives Congress (APC) is rattled over the loss of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Naija News reports that Isaac, while reacting to a video of how Peter Obi was received by some Nigerians in the diaspora, said the level of reception makes APC assume that the former governor of Anambra State is still campaigning.

He claimed that APC members are disturbed over why a perceived loser would be receiving such treatment for free.

According to Isaac Fayose, many people are unbothered about Peter Obi losing the election and APC had expected that people would always feel sorry for him instead of celebrating him.

He wrote: “This is one of the reasons APC is saying Peter Obi is still campaigning because they don’t get this type of treatment for free. They are wondering what kind of man is Peter Obi, how can a perceived loser be receiving this kind of treatment for free

Why APC Is Having Sleepless Nights Over Peter Obi’s Loss
“This is why they are not comfortable, having sleepless nights, saying Peter Obi is a threat to them and democracy. How can someone going about his normal activities be a thr*at to APC if not that they are not at rest, they have no peace of mind?

“They expected people to feel sorry for him, but instead the people are hailing him as if he is the champion, as if he won the election. They don’t care.

Peter Obi won 2023 Presidential election to the great shock of APC and PDP who thought he was just popular online.

Olusegun Obasanjo with all his rigging prowess then as incumbent president couldn’t win Lagos state, instead Tinubu won Lagos landslide but Peter Obi that contested in an unpopular party won Tinubu’s Lagos, that should tell every blind person that Obi won the election, which made Lagos APC to go berserk after the presidential election cos they saw the huge margin Obi won with which they massively suppressed.

While rigging the election, INEC/APC crooks intentionally suppressed Obi’s votes and gave him 3rd place to discourage him and Obidients from challenging the poll.

But guess what? They did a poor job, how?

How can someone that came first, a candidate of the ruling party that claimed he won the election be more focused on attacking and bringing down the person they said came 3rd neglecting the person they said came 2nd like he doesn’t even exist even though he is also challenging the election result like the person they said came 3rd?

If Nigerians are wise enough, they don’t need any corrupt Nigerian judiciary to tell them that Peter Obi won the election, only APC and Tinubu supporters’ jittery and mass attack against Peter Obi that theh claimed came 3rd exposes the truth that Obi won.

They have been attacking and defaming Peter Obi since INEC illegally declared Tinubu winner more than they did during the campaign period.

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