3 common Ingestible foods that can cause arthritis if consumed Often

There are some common ingestible foods that can cause arthritis if consumed on a regular basis because they contain an abundance of inflammation-inducing chemicals that affect the cells and tissues of the jointed parts in the human body, like the knee, ankle, wrists, and many others, and consequently cause pain in them. According to Healthline, arthritis is a medical condition that affects many people whose joints develop painful inflammation that doesn’t allow them to walk properly or move from one place to another with ease. However, there are some common ingestible foods that people eat or ingest regularly that can cause joint pain, which is also known as “arthritis,” and knowing them will help them abstain from regular consumption of such foods in order to have pain-free joints and healthy body parts.

1. People eat butter, red meat, and even cheese, and these foods, which are commonly ingestible foods, contain lots of unhealthy fats called trans fats, which carve their way into the tissues of the joints and get loaded there as toxins to cause inflammation and pain to the tissues. If you must eat these foods mentioned above, you should only ingest them in moderation

2. When it comes to cooking, frying foods with vegetable oil, or cooking of corn, and soybeans made either from their milk or other byproducts can be very delicious, especially when properly made. But these ingestible foods also contain a high proportion of Omega-6 fatty acids, which initiate and trigger some organic chemical reactions in the body, whose end products are toxins that cause joint-tissue inflammation and pain. Such foods should likewise be avoided or ingested in moderation but not on a regular basis

3. According to WebMD, foods that are loaded with lots of sodium and preservatives and contain an extremely low amount of fibre can do a lot of harm to the joints by causing the tissues there to develop inflammation and pain, especially when such foods are ingested in high proportion, excess, and on a regular basis

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