BBtitans Finale: Six housemates battle for $100,000 grand prize

The heavily viewed television show, Big Brother Titans is gradually sliding to an end.

After 72 days of immense intrigue, just one housemate would triumph to be made the ultimate TITAN.

The winner would likely say goodbye to poverty as he or she will be smiling home with a $100,000 cash prize, including endorsement deals and fame.

The show commenced with 20 housemates from Nigeria and South Africa on January 15 and reached its final week with six housemates left to compete for a grand prize on Sunday, April 2nd.

Recall that the 20 housemates who went into the show consisted of 10 Nigerians: Yvonne, Kanaga Jnr, Jenni O, Ebubu, Marvin, Jaypee, Nana, Blaqboi, Olivia, Yemi Cregx, and 10 South Africans: Tsatsii, Lukay, Yaya, Justin, Thabang, Ipeleng, Mmeli, Nelisa, Juicy Jay and Khosi. They were the first to be introduced into the show on Sunday.

A few days later, the show coordinator, Biggie, during the Thursday night pool party, introduced four more housemates, Blue Aiva, Theo Traw, Sandra and Miracle OP, making it a total of 24. The housemates were Twelve Nigerians and an equal number of South Africans

Eighteen housemates have been evicted so far. Theo Traw and Sandra were the first pair to be evicted in week 2, Lukay and Jaypee were evicted at the end of week 3, with Mmeli and Jenni O was evicted in week 4.

Unlike how the show began, the house now has an equilibrium of six finalists: three Nigerians and three South Africans.

By the end of week 5, two additional housemates, Yaya and Marvin, were evicted.

Week 6 was a fake eviction week, so no housemate was evicted. Four housemates were evicted at the end of week 7: the pair of Juicy Jay and Olivia

By the end of week 9, three housemates, Nana, Blue Aiva, and Miracle OP, were evicted. Out of the six housemates nominated for possible eviction at week 10, Justin, Blaqboi and Thabang were evicted, leaving Kanaga Jnr, Khosi, and Yvonne to scale to the finale.

Different from how the show began, the house now has six finalists. Three Nigerians- Ebubu, Kanaga Jnr, and Yvonne and three South Africans- Khosi, Ipeleng and Tsatsii.

During their stay in the Big Brother house, viewers were given the privilege of deciding who stayed and who got evicted. At the end of the 72 days on the show, a winner will be crowned through popularity votes by viewers.

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