Habits That Have Denied You Your Promotion At Work And Stalled Your Career

Habits are characteristics that are ingrained in us; we do them with little or no consciousness.

Just as with many people, you find yourself grumbling about not being appreciated at work and not being promoted despite the number of years spent in the organisation.

You’ve asked for a pay rise, yet, nothing was forthcoming; you blamed your manager or supervisor for not putting in ‘good words’ for you.

Truth is, gone are those eras where people get promoted because of several years spent with the company.

Have you looked inward lately? It is your entire fault, yes you!

No one cares until you start caring. What are the habits that have stalled your career and denied you a promotion?

1. Not Building Capacity for more.

You probably came into the organization as a freshman out of college or as an intern. The firm has done well taking you in, and you have been deposited into by measures of training and experience but you have remained almost at the same level despite years. you haven’t proved to your superiors that you have grown in capacity and can take on more tasks.

2. Having the same credentials

Almost everyone starts their first job as a BSc holder. many who remained at such grades for years are not always the first to consider.

Earning more degrees or getting certified courses shows to your employer that you are committed to self-development which transcends to growth for the company.

3. Flaunting the Company’s Policies

If you are the type that has continuously flaunted the policies of the company, forget it, you are the last person to be considered for a promotion.

Flaunting policies shows you are a ‘bad egg’ and unfit for leadership roles. If policies do not sit well with you, discussed them with your manager or leave with your pride.

4. Slacking with work
Turning in projects and deliverables late presents you as a lazy worker and thus cannot be given more tasks, hence no promotion.5. Being Anti-social
Whether we agree or not, not many of us like to work with a social psychopath. Refusing to socialise because you are a ‘jack of all works’ ironically doesn’t make you get noticed.

Maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues and superiors.

We cannot undermine the importance of someone ‘putting in words ‘for you.

5. Poor self-Image
No one wants to make the head a person who can’t even put himself/herself together.
If you aim for a leadership role in your firm, then walk and talk like you are already a leader. Dress the part, take on more delegations and be more involved in the growth of the company.

6. Showing no passion for the Job
Most superiors can smell from a mile a nonchalant that isn’t passionate about the job even if you put up a façade.

If you are in an industry you are not enthusiastic about, switch over rather than remain fixated on a job that will probably not fetch you happiness and promotion. You don’t want to lose on both sides.

7. Remaining in the Same Job Longer than

Sometimes, your promotion or career growth simply lies in you switching jobs either within the same field or an entirely different industry.

One of the disadvantages of staying on the same job longer than necessary is, you come off as an ‘old dog’ who can’t learn a new trick especially if you have not acquired new skills or certifications in years. Your employer would rather bring in an outsider who is better updated or bypass you and promote someone in the company who has continually shown capacity.

Thank goodness, habits can be unlearned and new ones can be picked up. If you have faulted in one or more of these habits listed above, you can still redeem yourself by making corrections and carrying out a personal rebranding.

Are you a manager, HR or a supervisor, what other habits can deny one promotion at work and stalled their career? Please share with us.

Thank you as you take out time to answer.

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