How To Make Tasty Asaro (Yam Pottage) Plus Pepper Chicken Sauce

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This yam porridge recipe popularly known as Asaro in Nigeria is so delicious. You will want to eat it always. This video gives a detailed easy to follow steps plus the recipe for pepper chicken sauce.


Bell peppers (Tatashe)
Paprika peppers (Shombo)
Palm oil
Seasoning Cubes
Salt to taste

Cut the yam in cubes and soak in water to avoid discoloration.
Blend the peppers
In a dry pot on heat pour in palm oil.
Add in chopped onions.
Add in the blended peppers.
Fry till dry.
Add in blended crayfish, seasoning and salt.
Add in water and the yam. The water should be the same level with the yam.
Cook till tender.
Squash the soft yams with your spoon or spatula to the degree you desire.
Serve and enjoy.

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