Man Spends 21 Hours On His Knees Begging His Ex-Girlfriend To Take Him Back

A man has been captured making a scene in China as he kneels relentlessly outside the workplace of his ex-girlfriend.

Report has it that the man has been on kneeling down for 21 hours straight, begging his ex-girlfriend to take him back.
The event had happened in the city of Guangzhou.

According to eyewitnesses, the anonymous man was crying as he pleaded with his ex-girlfriend to forgive him and give their relationship another chance.

He also held a bouquet of flowers in his hand as he knelt outside her workplace.

It is not very clear what led to the breakup between the ex-couple but the man’s actions have been trending on social media.

Many have taken to the comment section to talk about what they felt about public displays of affection.

While some have criticized the man for his behavior, others have expressed sympathy for his plight and the emotional turmoil he must be going through.

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