Warri One Million Man March For Peter Obi [photo]

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There is an ongoing One Million Man March for Peter Obi in Warri, Delta state .

Below are the pictures and video

Woooow. This is massive.
The greatest failure of anti-Obi supporters is their inability to tag Obi movement an IPOB motivated movement.

They wish all Nigerians will be deluded and reason abnormally like them. The more they try they more they fail, what a pity.

Their greatest undoing is their inability to sway Yorubas reasoning along the same line. As a matter of fact, Yorubas became the real catalyst energizing Obi movement. So far, their few achievements is still some northerners despite all the humiliations and insecurities suffered under Buhari still believe tribal politics is the way forward.

I believe it’s just a matter of time before the northerners align with this revolution. The Labor Party need more efforts to bring them really on board. If a small Sudan can march for their freedom, I see no why Nigeria cannot do the same. Everyone except those benefitting from the corrupt system, should be tired of these ruling class. Their wards school abroad, they attend hospital abroad and come home only when they need your vote, yet you campaign for them.

Enough should be enough now. Obi might not be 100% clean but portends as the only tentative solution. It’s either we build our nation or remain slaves in our country forever.

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