Wife Calls Her Husband “Daddy” In Front Of Her Dad, Both Men Become Confused [Watch Video]

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It is no secret that a lot of women refer to their men as daddies. While this is not something that even society has fully accepted, one man was shocked when his baby girl called her bae daddy in his company.

Calling your man daddy is a slang term that technically refers to the man who is taking care of you. And, in most grown women’s cases, it is not their actual daddy.

A widely followed Instagram account, @blacklovefeed, shared the clip showing a woman handing a plate of food in the general direction of her father and her man. Sis called out daddy, and both men stuck out their hands. Lol, the awkwardness after that was unbearable.

“Y’all know you can’t be playing these games with pops”

Social media users laugh hard at the awkward moment

Could you even imagine?! Lol, so many people cringed while watching the clip as they put themselves in the situation. One part people loved is how the little boy put out his hand after both the dad and bae retracted theirs.

Take a look at some of the comments:

@simplyliyahh__ said:

“Your dad took that hand back quick ”

@iamluceanslater said:

“Baby was like “since no one wants it, I’ll take it””

@_znae_ said:

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“The silence was so loud ”

@thephoenixalexander said:

“The baby reached his hand out like well I can always take it.”

@bbyxceee said:

“I call my son daddy too so I know that’s why he looking too ”

@jazy_nicole_ said:

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